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Vikash Kumar Mishra

Present designation:  Finance Head

Area of specialisation    

1.    Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A): Developing financial forecasts and strategic plans, analyzing financial data, and providing insights to support decision-making.
2.    Budgeting and Forecasting: Creating and managing budgets for various departments or projects, and regularly forecasting financial performance.
3.    Financial Reporting: Overseeing the preparation and distribution of financial statements and reports to stakeholders, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations.
4.    Financial Controls: Establishing and maintaining internal controls to safeguard company assets, ensure accuracy of financial records, and prevent fraud.
5.    Cash Flow Management: Monitoring cash flow, optimizing working capital, and managing liquidity to meet operational needs and financial obligations.
6.    Risk Management: Identifying and assessing financial risks, developing strategies to mitigate risks, and ensuring compliance with risk management policies.
7.    Tax Planning and Compliance: Managing tax planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations.
8.    Investment Management: Evaluating investment opportunities, managing investment portfolios, and optimizing returns on surplus funds.
9.    Financial Strategy: Developing and implementing financial strategies aligned with the organization's goals and objectives, including capital structure management and financing decisions.
10.    Stakeholder Management: Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, including senior management, investors, auditors, and regulatory authorities, to communicate financial performance and address concerns.
11.    Team Leadership: Building and leading a high-performing finance team, providing guidance, coaching, and development opportunities to team members.

Having graduated from Delhi University and pursued post-graduate studies from IGNOU, Vikash further augmented his qualifications with a PGDBA degree from Symbiosis. Additionally, his accreditation in ACCA up to F9 level underscores his deep understanding of international taxation, facilitating seamless navigation of foreign tax landscapes.


Vikash's proficiency extends beyond global taxation, as he is also well-versed in Indian taxation laws and regulations. His adeptness in financial matters, coupled with his intricate knowledge of government protocols, enables him to engage with governmental clients effectively, particularly in matters related to budgeting.


As the Finance Manager, Vikash plays a pivotal role in steering our financial strategies and ensuring fiscal prudence across all operations. His keen analytical skills and strategic insights contribute significantly to the company's financial stability and growth trajectory.


Beyond his professional achievements, Vikash is recognized as a collaborative team member, known for his approachability and dedication to mentoring others. His leadership within our organization exemplifies our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence.


We are privileged to have Vikash Kumar Mishra as an integral part of our team, and his contributions continue to drive our company's success forward

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