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Present designation: DP and IT Coordinator 

Area of specialisation:     

Data management of Large scale studies and development of data entry programs in CSPro, Survey CTO, data preparation and analysis in SPSS and STATA, Nutritional Analysis using EPI Info and Nutri+, Qualitative Content analysis using Excel.


Key qualifications 

Nearly 17 years of experience in handing large scale studies in various positions
Monitored studies like MWRA for CARE, Evaluation studies for Room to Read, Independent monitoring studies for Pramanit Karya India Pvt Ltd (New Delhi NCR),   various baseline, impact and end line studies for various clients 
Involved in developing CAPI applications and data management for MWRA for CARE, Comprehensive National Nutritional Survey (CNNS) in 8 States of India for UNICEF, Ujjwal Base line study in Bihar and Odisha for Futures Group, Behaviour Change Mechanism Base Line in UP for Pop Counsel, SHOPs study in UP for Abt Associate, and many other studies
Coordinated, programmed and data managed for Dasra - Adolescents collaborative study in Jharkhand for Impact foundation India 
Involved in data processing and analysis of many major projects like Chahaendline for Alliance, Anganwadi hygiene practices study for UNICEF, Economy Mapping studies for  M&M, HIV  BSS in Manipur for UNAIDS, Gender GAP Asset study for IIM, Bangalore etc...
Conducted field team trainings on using Computer application of various software like CSPro, SurveyCTO, Survey Solutions and other CAPI applications
Was master trainer for LASI, CNNS, RMNCH, MWRA, Ujjwal Base line study, BCM BL etc… 
Involved and monitored the data processing of NFHS-3. 
Involved in monitoring of data processing and developed Fact sheet for DLHS-3
Developed data entry programs in CSPro for panel study carried out for RTI International and also involved in field training, data management and data processing.
Involved in field training, data processing, analysis and report writing of various rounds of BSS in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.  Also was trained and carried out analysis in RD Stat.
Involved in data processing and training of IBBA. Also involved in RDS training and documentation.
Also involved in data processing of large scale household studies.
Also involved in Qualitative content analysis for various qualitative studies

Attended various workshops on SPSS, STATA, R, Tablue, advanced techniques of Excel, Atlas TI in the institutes like IIPS, IIPH, TERI.

Also conducted training workshops on mobile application using CSPro and Data management and preliminary analysis using SPSS to Post graduate students, Government officials and PHD scholars. 



M A Mathematics

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