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Suman Jee

Sr Manager - Operations 

Has almost two decades of experience in social and development sector in India and working with Sigma from its inception.

He is master’s in mathematics from Andhra University, 



He has experience in Demographic studies, Health & Family Welfare, 

Nutrition, Reproductive and Child health, Maternal health, Ageing, STI, HIV / AIDS, 

Gender, Education, Agricultural, Rural and Urban Development, Water and sanitation, SHGs, 

Energy, Climate change, Environment, and CSR. 


He has rich experience in handling data management of Large scale studies, development of 

data collection applications for research studies using CSPro and SurveyCTO, and Statistical 

analysis using SPSS, STATA and Nutritional Analysis in EPI and Anthro +.  


Currently working as Sr Manager – Operations, involved in proposal preparations, 

presentation, planning, monitoring of the project activities and client interaction. Also 

coordinated more than 15 large scale projects in last five years across India.  


Worked as Data manager and data analyst for more than 300 research studies, Developed 

CAPI applications for more than 150 studies and involved as master trainer in large scale 

studies like LASI, NFHS-5, Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey (CNNS) and as trainer 

in more than 50 studies.  He trained field team a handling data collection application using 

Laptops/Mobiles / Tablets and project related studies. 


He worked for UNICEF, UNFPA, PSI, IPAS, IIPS, FHI 360, Abt Associates, ICRW, Boston 

University, Room to Read, RTI International, Population Counsil, CEEW, MoHRD et al.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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