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Shubham Prakash

Present designation:  Jr Data Analyst

Shubham Prakash is a dynamic and analytical-minded professional who thrives on uncovering insights and solving complex problems through data analysis.


He specializes in research and data analysis. As a Junior Research Data Analyst at Sigma, Shubham combines his passion for uncovering insights with his expertise in data-driven methodologies to support impactful decision-making and drive organizational success

Working closely with senior analysts and stakeholders, Shubhams contribution has been pivotal to the collection, processing, and analysis of data to extract valuable insights that drive organizational success.

Key qualifications 


Shubham Prakash is a driven Junior Data Analyst with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Honors) from Delhi University and is currently pursuing an Honors degree in Sociology from IGNOU. Beginning his career with our organization, Shubham has already made significant contributions, particularly in managing NFHS 6 Listing data, showcasing his adeptness in data handling and analysis. He possesses a strong command of data collection and analysis tools such as SurveyCTO and Kobo Collect. Shubham's academic background and practical experience have equipped him with the necessary skills in data analysis, data management, and statistical analysis. Known for his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, Shubham is a valuable asset to any team, bringing a combination of academic rigor and practical expertise to the table. His strong communication skills further enhance his ability to collaborate effectively and deliver results.

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