Why Sigma

   Quality Assurance Measures take place at every stage of the study  

Quality Assurance in Field

Proper and adequate training to all field interviewers and supervisors irrespective of prior experience they have

Assignments given to field staff so as to assess understanding levels during training

Scrutiny by Supervisor / Field Editor in case of large scale surveys/ Field Executive

Back check / spot check by Supervisor (20% in Field and 10% over phone)

Back check by Field Executive (5%)

Field visits by senior field professionals

Accompanied interviews by Supervisors / Field Executive  – 100% during the first few days of field work

Quality Assurance in Data Processing

Double data entry

100% questionnaire scrutiny before starting data entry

Regular data checking during data entry for validate the assure quality outputs

Outputs as per the research requirements

   Multidisciplinary and experienced team  

Sigma Team

 Name  Designation  Discipline  Experience 
Dr  K V R SubrahmanyamResearch Director Economic , Population Studies  33
Prof KNM RajuConsultantStatistics, Population Studies 35
Dr Dilip KumarConsultantStatistics/ Health30
Kashinath VajpaiConsultantEnvironment Sciences12
Prof B D MisraPermanent AdvisorSociology, Demography40
Prof K SrinivasanPermanent AdvisorStatistics, Demography48
Dr U V SomayajuluCEO and Executive DirectorStatistics , Sociology,  Demography25
Tilak MukherjiChairman Mathematics28

   Capability of handling sensitive issues/topics  


HIV/AIDS related

Sexual and Reproductive health related with Adolescent girls/boys

Domestic violence among woman at household level

   Ability to carry out field work in sensitive, conflict and geographically difficult areas 


Worked in the Valley of Bastar and Dhantewada carrying out survey among the Pregnant and Lactating mother and the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers.
In the North east corner of the country we have done survey in Assam, Manipur and Nagaland.

Our Field team has the ability to work anywhere and in any place under any given circumstance.

 Ability to use CAPI for data collection 


Sigma has experience in handling CAPI Surveys using PDA, Laptop/mini laptop and Android Tablets/Mobile applications.

Experienced team in CAPI Programming

Experienced in CAPI tool training

Capability of handling large scale studies in CAPI using large no. of equipment.


 IRB for ethical review and approvals 


Sigma-IRB has been associated with the highly qualified members. They are expert in the field of population and reproductive health, medicine (non-clinical), social research, legal aspects of research etc.

Sigma organises IRB meetings as frequently as possible so as to hasten the process of IRB review or once in two months as per the requirement.

Please contact: Dr U V Somayajulu (irb.sigma@sigma-india.in), Sigma IRB member secretary, Sigma Research and Consulting Private Limited

All India field network 

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