The ∑ (or summation) in the logo of Sigma indicates the totality of the research arena that Sigma intends, and is equipped to, cover. The σ (or standard deviation, a powerful and very commonly used statistical measure) indicates the commitment of Sigma to minimise variation and maximise consistency in the data elicited and presented, which forms the basis for several crucial decisions at the conclusion of any research study.

Core values of Sigma :

Message from the CEO

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to welcoming you at our office, too. We have established Sigma to provide services in line with clients’ aspirations and needs of the people of India, ensuring quality and timely delivery. The core values and foundation on which the structure of Sigma rests include :  Ethics, Integrity and Tenacity. We believe that these values are imperative in delivering our promise of data with integrity and rigour.