About Us

Sigma, a research and consulting organisation actively engaged in the social and development sector research. Since its inception in September 2008, it has been able to rapidly grow from strength to strength.

The ∑ (or summation) in the logo of Sigma indicates the totality of the research arena that Sigma intends, and is equipped to, cover. The σ (or standard deviation, a powerful and very commonly used statistical measure) indicates the commitment of Sigma to minimise variation and maximise consistency in the data elicited and presented, which forms the basis for several crucial decisions at the end of a  research study.

Core values :

  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Tenacity

Message from the CEO

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to welcoming you at our office, too. We have established Sigma to provide services in line with clients’ aspirations and needs of the people of India ensuring quality and timely delivery. We believe that these values are imperative in delivering our promise of data with integrity and rigour.

   Board Members  

Dr UV Somayajulu


Co-Founder, CEO and Executive Director

Has M Sc in Statistics, MA in Sociology, MBA, M Phil and Ph D in Population Studies. Internationally recognised as one of the experts in his field, He has more than 25 years of experience in Social and Development sector research. He has coordinated more than 400 research studies on health, education, gender, rural development, urban development, poverty, sexual health, reproductive health, child health, nutrition, CSR, governance, innovation, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, social marketing, climate change, energy, transport etc.  Carried out studies for UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, UNAIDS, DFID, PSI, IPAS, Abt Associates, ICRW, Johns Hopkins University, Paris School of Economics, Boston University, FHI 360, He was a consultant with the European Union for Evaluation of the Research Proposals for Social Sciences and Humanities under Frame Work Programme 7 involving remote evaluation and consensus meetings at E.U. Head Quarter, Brussels. A regular attendee and paper presenter at prestigious international conferences across the world from Brazil, U.S., Switzerland, Beijing, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Kenya, Cairo, Manchester, Morocco, Thailand, Islamabad,  Dhaka to Mumbai and Delhi.

Author of 9 edited volumes, 110 papers published in Edited Books, and Journals, and presented at International and National Conferences/Seminars

Member of more than a dozen International and National Professional Associations of repute, like IUSSP, PERN, APA, UAPS, IASP, ISLE, IASSH, Red Cross, etc

Served various prestigious professional associations as General Secretary (IASP, IASSH), Vice President (IASSH), Executive Board Member(International Society for Urban Health)

Visiting Faculty to multiple prestigious academic institutions such as Delhi University, JNU, TERI, TERI University, IGNOU, TISS, etc



Dr KVR Subrahmanyam

Director. A professional with more than three decades of experience in Scio-Economic, Demographic and Health surveys.  Has M A in Applied Economics from Andhra University, Masters in Population Studies (MPS) from IIPS and PhD from Andhra University.  Worked with Population Research Center (PRC), Andhra University as Researcher Investigator.

His of specializations is Population Policies and programmes, Reproductive and Child Health, Fertility and Family Planning.  He was TCDC Consultant for the FAO project on Best Practices in Micro-Finance Management At Zambia during January April, 2000,  Socio-Economic, Demographic and Health Surveys at Agro-Economic Research Centreand Population Research Centre, Andhra University. Proficiency in drafting of Project Reports, Carried out DLHS-1, 2 and 3 in Andhra Pradesh and Andaman & Nicobar Islands Monitored DLHS in Andhra Pradesh, Field Supervision of NFHS-1 in Andhra Pradesh, Carried out Demographic and Health Survey for Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Expertise in developing Proposals, Tools, Design and methodology for Demographic and Health Surveys, Talent in Training the Field Investigators, Expertise in Field Operations and Quality Checks, Skill in analysis of data and report Writing.







   Permanent Advisors  

Prof (Dr) K Srinivasan

Permanent Advisor. He is an M Stat from ISI, M S from Harvard University and Ph D in Demography. Was Director (and is Professor Emeritus) of IIPS. Close to four decades of experience in population and health research. Actively associated with a number of policy commissions / committees of national and international importance. Author of several papers, books and reports.


   Institutional Review Board  

Institutional Review Board of Sigma

The Institutional Review Board of Sigma (Sigma-IRB) has been constituted to ensure quality of research and to prevent misuse of research on human subjects. The Sigma-IRB is registered with the Division of Assurance and Quality Improvement of the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), USA. The Sigma IRB has eminent experts in the fields of social sciences research, medicine, public health, and legal aspects of research. Please contact irb.sigma@sigma-india.in for details and using Sigma-IRB for IRB approval of your study protocols and tools.

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